The Nebulan Army is a professional military force unlike any in the civilized galaxy; according to the historical perspective, its roots lie at the very foundation of the Nebulan Star Empire. The core of the regular Army is composed of conscripted Nebulan males deemed fit for combat. They are taken at a relatively early age (around seven or eight) and spend much of their adult life as a glorified soldier caste. Upon turning sixteen they are considered combat-ready, and will serve a minimum of ten years before being eligible for a different position. Such positions may be higher command, tactical school, or a drill instructor’s assistant. Anything in the political arena or full instructor position has a general age requirement of thirty, although exceptions do occur.

Nebulan trooper and officerNebulan women are commonly misconceived in the eyes of foreigners. They are widely said to be little more than the bearers of a new generation of soldiers; and while it is true they are expected to do so, they are revered for it. They are not bound solely to this task, either.

It is generally overlooked that women provide much of the crew for the Nebulan Imperial Navy, and also hold the majority of domestic political positions (being held in the same regard as elder men). Women also make up one of the many branches of Auxiliaries that supplement the Army, known to outsiders as Skirmishers (Szleke in Akreshna, pl. Szlekena). Szlekena are the infantry beyond the frontline, the troops that harass enemy infrastructure and even major army groups. Szlekena are given the same quality of equipment and harshness of training as regular infantry, though for shorter durations at a time.

Though women are physically weaker than their male counterparts, they do have the advantage of greater agility. Capitalizing on this, Nebulan commanders have tailored Szlekenavos equipment to women’s frames and physical capabilities: their armor and weapons are lighter, more precision-based, and thus can carry more rounds or stronger ones. Szlekena do not, however, tend to serve as frontliners, as their gear and training are not designed for such assignments. Though they have been used in such a role in desperate situations, they often suffered disproportionate casualties as a result.

Other Auxiliary forces exist, trained and equipped in similar fashion to the regular Legions, and are unsung warriors serving the Nebulan Empire. These forces consist of conquered or allied non-Nebulans serving the empire to gain citizenship and expanded rights, and generally possess skills or equipment the regular army lacks. In fact, many non-Nebulan worlds have actually attained a status equal or near to ethnic Nebulans.


• Recruit (training) or Brejnij (beast or animal)
• NCF or New Cannon Fodder (Colonial slang)
• Basic Rank (varies by branch)
  Crewman (Navy)
  Trooper (Army)
  Pilot (Aerospace)
• Corporal (Army) – Ensign (Navy)
• Captain (Army only)
• Lieutenant
• Lieutenant Commander
• Commander
• Major (Army) – Captain (Navy)
• Colonel (Army) – Commodore (Navy)
• Major General (Army) – Vice Admiral (Navy)
• Master Rank (varies by branch)
  Admiral (Navy)
  General (Army)
  Wing Commander (Aerospace)
• High Command Rank (varies by branch)
  High Admiral (Navy)
  High General (Army)
• Kezak (Supreme Commander)