Akkeans are a largely reclusive species hailing from the world of Akkea. They resemble the average humanoid in appearance, but are shorter on average (about 5’6” for males, 5’ for females) and live for a greater length of time; the eldest documented by Nebulans was seven hundred years old. Male Akkeans are known for their extremely broad frames and highly developed muscular structure, making them the physically strongest humanoid species, surpassing even Nebulans. The exact nature of their societal structure remains largely a mystery.

Every Akkean male observed thus far has been subject to extreme emotional swings; they seem to have no baseline. This is sometimes attributed to the species’ tendency towards intoxication, as strong drink seems a staple in their society. Beards are prized and often distinguish the eldest and most experienced among the males. They value courage and honesty above all other virtues, are notoriously combative and competitive, quick to anger, and unforgiving of serious grievances – but they are loyal to a fault and will go to any lengths to protect their allies.

Akkean culture – their customs and language – is a tightly guarded secret. To be allowed into the Akkean circle, even as an ally, requires a demonstration either in battle or their carousing excesses. Few have been found worthy of such a feat, and for the cultural door to be opened is to become what they regard as a brother or sister Akkean. Oclev Romanoff, Cabal Raegen, and Targis Bulloc are among the few referred to as such, and thus must have passed whatever rigorous and dangerous tests were required.

Perhaps the strangest trait in Akkean behavior is that of their relationship to the outside universe. Though Akkea is within Nebulan space and allied to the empire, it is considered a sovereign nation. It requires a high level of authorization to gain the coordinates of the Akkean home system, let alone enter it. Trespassing is considered a capital offence.

Despite their wealth – rumored to be greater than that of Graedius – Akkeans do not leave their world in great number, and never settle on foreign worlds. The groups that do leave are tightly knit packs, often calling themselves kin (a term used loosely, not neccessarily for blood relatives). Women have never been known to leave the homeworld, but this may be attributed to outside ignorance – their appearance has never been confirmed, and is rumored to be a stark contrast to the rugged male counterparts. Countless myths have arisen as to why Akkeans are so secretive, but no conclusive information has ever surfaced. Nebulans revere Akkea, and have integrated aspects of the machismo culture into their own.

If the legends regarding Akkea are true, Akkeans may be the oldest living humanoid civilization in the galaxy – perhaps even rivaling the dragons.