A non-alcoholic drink squeezed from the sunroot plant, which is native to the planet Aor in distant Terra Nova territory. A bright yellow-orange color – hence the name of the plant – sunroot juice is both sweet and tart, and may be served with or without pulp.

Aquilae Ale
Aquilae ale is blue in color and has a unique bitter flavor that yields to a sweet aftertaste. Brewed by the reclusive amphi-avian race with processes and ingredients unknown, it is widely available on Aquias but harder to come by offworld.

The Terra Nova Borderworld of Bardius is justly famous for its wine, which is typically sweet and comes in both red and violet varieties. Typically aged ten or more years, it runs a bit pricy but is regarded as worth the investment.

A distilled drink brewed from a fermented mix of grapes, raspberries, blackberries, boysenberries, and blueberries. Though a fairly strong alcohol, its fruity nature leads some non-Graedians to mock it as a “girl’s drink.”

Graedians have a love of extremes. So for a Graedian, the best molasses is obviously the slowest molasses. Graedian molasses is thus justly renowned for its slow-running nature, leading some scientists to actually classify it as a gelatinous solid rather than a liquid.

A signature dish of Oclev Romanoff featuring the traditional steamed rice and seafood. The trick, as he is fond of telling, is that the seafood is imported live from Icthyon’s oceans. Seeing as how there are no fishing or trawling operations set up on the largely uninhabited planet, this is likely another one of his fictitious stories. Nevertheless, it is extremely delicious.Jambal'demos

Mixed noodles, beans, and a dash of ktheron spice – Jambal’Demos is a traditional Chorodemarii meal all in itself. It remains a commonality among the race despite their diaspora over the millennia.

A potent spice used in many Chorodemarii dishes. Since Chorodemarii taste buds are structured slightly differently than those of the average humanoid, ktheron merely tastes as strong as a black pepper to them. Its true magnitude is ten times that of an equal portion of jalapenos.

A meal advocated by Oclev Romanoff, chief engineer and sometime chef of the Terra Nova starship Nautilus. The mysterious “PBJ” sandwich features fruit and nut spreads, then is grilled in butter until the spreads heat and begin to run. Served with fried tubers. A staple meal of Terra Nova Academy students.

Red Lava
Brewed by dragons right on Terra Nova, Red Lava is an understandably powerful liquor with a violent red coloration. It is also hard to come by, as the dragons don’t sell their goods but might be willing to barter for them if approached by a seasoned and honorable trader. It comes in a tall, slender bottle, which is rather thick-walled to safely contain the corrosive liquid. Though a dragon could drink an entire bottle in a single gulp and feel no ill effects, for the average humanoid to attempt such a feat is foolhardy. Bartenders that serve Red Lava make sure to only dole out small shots to avoid sending their customers into a coma or, in extreme recorded cases, death. Drinking Red Lava is something of a badge of honor among many groups in the galaxy, while others may become offended at the consumption of such a harmful substance.

Typically dry golden wine, Soltari brews are extremely rare in League territory, as the Soltari border is closed to all but the most intrepid explorers and most well-connected traders. It has extraordinary taste due to advanced aging – no Soltari wine aged less than one hundred years is ever sold on the open market.

Temri Slug Rolls
A delicacy among the Temri of the Graedian Confederacy, slug rolls are even less appetizing than their name implies. Live Graedian dung-slugs are wrapped in rice-based tortillas – often with vegetables or spices added for flavor – then the whole thing is slathered in a generous helping of soy vinaigrette sauce. Though the Temri refuse to eat slug rolls without live slugs, several restaurants and off-world chains carry slug rolls with fully cooked – and fully dead – dung-slugs.

Viddeer, a minor world deep in the Nebulan Star Empire, is famed for their strong brandy, which leaves a burning sensation behind as it moves from the throat to the stomach. The liquid itself is a deep violet hue, twice as potent as typical brandies and liquors.