The War of Eternity is a saga ten years in the telling, a longtime project between my friend Christopher Arndt and myself.  At first glance a science fiction epic, its underpinnings are pure fantasy, with a flair of the historical thrown in as well.  It follows a set of characters as the galaxy around them deteriorates into war – what they assume to be the war to end all wars.  In point of fact, their war is just another battle in the struggle between good and evil that has been going on since the dawn of time.

Or, to summarize more succinctly: spaceships, dragons, espionage, lasers, swords, romance, robots, magic, violence, and all-around radtacularness.

The series will span a total of nine books.  The first, Prelude, has already been produced, and the second is well into its first draft.  We are working on the first volume of an illustrated encyclopedia that elaborates on the plethora of information hinted at in the novels.  All feature a strong blend of writing, illustrations, and design.

Not your typical buddy-buddy pastime, to be sure.  But this is not a hobby for us.  Chris and I are both fans of sci-fi from childhood, but are dissatisfied with how the genre has been progressing in recent years.  We know what is successful, what has been done, and what hasn’t.  We also have a story, and it needs to be told.

We are currently seeking professional publishing and have every intention of pursuing it aggressively until we see our novels on the shelf at Barnes and Noble. While the process can and will take some time, it is one that we quite determined about. In the meantime, we have created this website to serve as a gateway for interested readers, agents, and publishers.

The War of Eternity is not a work of science fiction.  It’s not a fantasy.  It’s not a mythology, not a history, and not a space opera.  It’s not even a work of the written art or the visual.  It is more than these; it is all of these.

Because when it comes down to it, Chris and I are just a couple of kids, coming up with the most awesome stuff that we can imagine.  There’s a world of sci-fi out there starved for fresh ideas and a reprieve from Star Wars prequels (yeah, I went there), and we know that we’ll work hard to fill it.

So enjoy. We did when we were kids, and we still do. And I think we always will.