Greetings, all. As the fall season comes in, so does an update. The Sociology section of the Archives is now active, rounding out the socio-political universe of of Aesgar. You'll gain some perspective on each species in Prelude -- their culture, preferences, some language, sometimes even a bit about their genetic history. Even down to Graedian dung slugs.

Brandon adds: The Geography area is also up (the largest section yet), complete with a high-res map of the Aesgar Galaxy! Now we're just spoiling you.

So until the next update, read up and enjoy!


09.14.07 l BRANDON PEAT

Good news! We sent out submissions to literary agents and publishers earlier this week. Chris and I are very excited about finally getting this story OUT THERE, even through it will probably be some time before we hear back from any of them (and longer still before one replies in the affirmative). That's just the name of the game.

In other news, the Politics section of the Archives is also uploaded and active, with many new entries and accompanying artwork. Sociology is next, probably coming in two weeks. Stay tuned!


09.05.07 l BRANDON PEAT

The History section of the Archives is now up and running, with sequential entries telling the known history of Aesgar: the 3000 years that lead up to Prelude. If you've read the book and want to know more, this is excellent background material. If you don't care about information, there are pretty pictures. Check it out!

The other Archives sections should follow one at a time every two or three weeks, so come back later for more goodies!


08.29.07 l BRANDON PEAT

Welcome to! This site is currently under construction as we work on uploading new content, especially in the Archives area.  Feel free to explore and see what’s new!

Thanks for visiting and check back often for more new stuff!