The second book in the War of Eternity saga is currently in the process of being written. As such, not much information can be revealed about it at this time. But we can give a few tantalizing glimpses...

WARNING! SPOILER ALERT! If you've read Prelude and are just dying to learn what happens next, highlight the text below to get a sneak peek. If you haven't, then you might spoil some surprises for yourself. You have been warned.


Have you read Prelude? No? Then why are you spoiling it for yourself? Seriously.



If you're still here, then I guess we can trust you. Read on...

General Raegen and the Colonial Legion ship out to Omega III, the next planet in line for the Metron onslaught. A protracted ground siege strains the bonds of friendship and camraderie to their limit, and casualties begin to mount – even among the hardened Colonials. But why are the Metron digging in so hard on a dead world like Omega?

And how did they pull off the attack on Aquias in the first place? That is what Virgil Silveus is tasked with finding out, and Hydra Squad goes deep into the underground of Terra Nova, uncovering information that will shock a galaxy. Axio Vanator is recruited into this web of deceit, along with Dana Elliott, in a race against time to prevent another catastrophe like Aquias.

Admiral Bulloc, Lieutenant Tallon Aeronex, and Chief Engineer Oclev Romanoff are also hard at work, repairing the Nautilus, recovering from their own injuries, and putting together a new bridge crew for the struggle ahead – a struggle that is looking more serious and threatening by the hour.

And what of Ronin, leader of the Metron? Undaunted by how things turned out on Aquias, he continues in his search for the Ashtar, artifact of a golden age long past. Will his quest save Aesgar or destroy it? What happened in the past that could be worth waging a war over?

A war, indeed, that will cause all these groups to converge in a clash more desperate than that of Aquias...a clash that not everyone will survive.

This second book promises to be longer, more explosive, and even harder to put down than the first. Will it answer the burning questions raised in Prelude or merely add another layer of intrigue? Only time will tell...